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              Directed by Tina Harrington



         Distaff Singers is a women's  

         choral  group (secular and non-

         audition) based in Oakland, CA

         in its 85th Year!

         We just performed our 83rd

         Concert raising funds to support

         music education by providing

         grants for youth in the East Bay



                DONATIONS WELCOME! 


          Donations to support our Music

        Grants are gratefully accepted. 

        The Distaff Singers is a nonprofit,

        tax  exempt  organization under

        Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

        If you wish to contribute by mail,

       please make a check payable to

       Distaff Singers and mail to Distaff

       Singers, P.O. Box 11190,  Oakland,  

       CA   94611